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    Article Scraper Tool

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    About Article Scraper Tool

    How great it would be if there comes a free online tool that can scrape up to 30 articles from different sources like examiner, article base and ezine articles! Although it sounds like a dream, but SEOToolStation has made the impossible possible by developing an awesome tool known as 'Article Scraper'. This online tool scrapes dozens of articles for a typed keyword from different sites.

    Rewrite Your Articel

    Simply type your keyword and select the places from where you want this tool to scrape the articles. You can also select how many articles you want this tool to scrape like 10, 20, or even 30. Within a minute, the scraped articles will be displayed in different boxes which you copy or download directly into your PC.

    Article Scraper is very beneficial for online marketers. You can get articles for your targetted keyword without manually looking for those articles, you can spin articles or rewrite these scraped articles using SEOToolStation's Article Rewriter Tool and further use them on your money or PBN sites.

    In past, it was very difficult and time-consuming for online marketers to find articles from different sites related to their keywords but now STS has made this task super easy by developing such a great tool for the online community.After rewrite your articel don't forget to check Plagiarism using our Plagiarism Checker Tool .



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