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  • Avoiding Plagiarism Know the Punishments, Cite Sources, and Get Permissions

    Plagiarism is a serious offense. It is considered as an academic dishonesty on the educational field. On the other hand, it is considered as theft on the online world. Either way, plagiarism should not be done whether you are a student or a blogger. In order to avoid plagiarism, there are several things that you can keep in mind to do so. This article will discuss those things to you. Know the Punishments of Plagiarism Knowing the punishments of plagiarism might give you the scare as to how it is...
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    Checking For Academic Dishonesty

    Checking For Academic Dishonesty As a teacher or educator, you do not want your students to commit plagiarism or academic dishonesty. You want them to learn a lot of things from you and apply the things they have learned into their papers. In terms of checking a paper for plagiarised contents, you may use either of the two ways: manual checking or automatic checking. This article will discuss to you how to do each of them as well as the differences between the two. Manual Checking for Plagiarised Content Before...
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    The Various Benefits of Using a Plagiarism Checker Tool

    The Various Benefits of Using a Plagiarism Checker Tool Manual checking of papers for plagiarism can be very difficult and time consuming especially if you are a teacher with a lot of students. Just checking one paper can take a lot of time, how much more if you need to check the paper of an entire class? If you are a teacher and you really need an assistance when it comes to checking the papers of your students for plagiarism, then you should use the plagiarism checker tool. This article...
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    Proper Use of Citation in Order to Avoid Online Plagiarism

    Proper Use of Citation in Order to Avoid Online Plagiarism Most of the time, when you are writing a paper, be it for academic purposes or to be posted on the web, you will be borrowing information, details, and ideas from other authors and sources. When such is the case, you should always make use of citations to be able to give credits to those sources and authors where you have borrowed information from. Of course, you do not want to get accused and punished for committing plagiarism. This article...
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    What Do You Need to be Able to Conduct a Skype Conference Call?

    When you need to connect with several persons simultaneously, the Skype conference call is a recommended method to be able to do it. Using the Skype application, you cannot only connect with just one person at one time but you can also connect with more than one person at the same time and talk all of them. The talk can be done either through a video call or only a voice call.  If you need to have a meeting with multiple persons and want to do a Skype conference call,...
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    Extracting Contact Information of People with Skype Resolver

    The Skype Resolver tool is used to extract useful contact information from your Skype contacts. Such useful information includes the email address, country, Internet Service Provider (ISP), geolocation, longitude, latitude, and city of the person you are connected with on Skype. If you own a business and make use of Skype as your primary communication tool, then the Skype resolver tool is a major help for you to connect with your employees, clients, and business partners. This article will discuss to you the functions of the Skype  resolver tool and...
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    Using Citation Styles to Not Commit Plagiarism

    Whenever you borrow the ideas or information from other people or sources, you should always make use of citations to give credits to them. Otherwise, you can get punished for committing plagiarism which is the act of stealing the original ideas of other people. To avoid committing such an act, you should know how to use citations. To help you with that, this article will discuss to use the different styles of citation that you can make use of depending on the discipline of your written work. MLA Style MLA...
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