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    5 Ways Longtail Keywords Help You Dominate

    12/04/2016 12:00 AM by Abdul Waheed in Webmaster

    Think about this keyword for a sec, "Best Garlic Press 2017"

    It has 3 keywords in 1 phrase: The keyword is Best Garlic Press 2017 but it also contains "Best Garlic Press" and "Garlic Press". You can rank for all 3 phrases/keywords in one.

    Compounding Keywords!

    Longtail keywords are the best for Compounding Keywords. But what else can they do for your content?

    1. Help You Increase Your SV (search volume)

    This is compounding keywords and dominating low searched keywords. Most people who are ranking for longtail keywords, especially huge companies, aren’t TRYING to rank for them. That wasn’t their intent. So, if you intend to rank for a long tail keyword with 100 sv you probably will out rank them, as well as rank for the KW’s with a SV of 10. The more keywords you rank for inthe top 10 of google, the more traffic you receive, the clicks you get, the more money you make.

    2. Help You Create Useful, Human Content

    Longtail keywords like “what is a garlic press” with a SV of 110 (CPC $0.42), lets you know that there are people out there who

    a. Don’t know what a garlic press is
    b. Will Probably want or need one soon

    If they are new to the “garlic pressing world” they may remember the site, and you become an authority in their eyes.

    Like the example above, it helps you understand what people need and want. It gives you the opportunity to do exactly what google does best…. answer questions.

    3. Help You Rank Faster

    Longtail keywords are notoriously searched less. It's the difference between ​garlic press @ 8,100 sv and ​best garlic press @ 1,000 sv​ .​ ​ That’s a 7,100 sv difference! ​You can rank faster for keywords at a 5 to 8 length than 2­3 word phrases

    4. Help You with Your Jigsaw Puzzle

    Longtail keywords help you pile up the puzzle pieces. You are not only looking for more sv. You can to find comprehensive keywords (puzzle pieces). You want the keywords you pile up to complement each other.

    For Example:

    Best Garlic Press and What is a Garlic Press​, work very well together. Unlike​ ​Best Garlic Press and Most Expensive Pressure Cooker

    5. Help You to Reduce Repetitiveness

    With Longtail keywords and compounding keywords comes keyword variations. Which helps you catch the same audience by using a different stream of words

    For Example:

    Best Rated Garlic Press & Best Garlic Press are one and the same (but not really, you get it though)