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    Proper Use of Citation in Order to Avoid Online Plagiarism

    12/31/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Proper Use of Citation in Order to Avoid Online Plagiarism

    Most of the time, when you are writing a paper, be it for academic purposes or to be posted on the web, you will be borrowing information, details, and ideas from other authors and sources. When such is the case, you should always make use of citations to be able to give credits to those sources and authors where you have borrowed information from. Of course, you do not want to get accused and punished for committing plagiarism. This article will teach you the proper use of citation so that you will be able to avoid online plagiarism.SeoTool Station Plagiarism Checker tool

    Consider the Filed or Discipline Where Your Written Work Belongs

    To avoid plagiarism, there are several methods developed to give credits to sources. Such methods include quoting, referencing, and citing. When it comes to citing, there are several citation styles used all over the world. Usually, a specific style is associated with a specific discipline and you need to consider this when you want to use citation styles.

    For instance, if you are writing a paper on the medical field, then a proper citation style would be the Vancouver style. If you are writing a paper on the arts and humanities, then the Modern Language Association or MLA style of citation should be used by you. Furthermore, if your paper belongs on the academic field, then use the American Psychological Association or APA style of citation.

    Consider How You Want to Borrow the Information, Details, or Ideas

    When it comes to using citations, you should also consider the way how you will be borrowing the ideas or information from the source. For instance, if you want to borrow an entire sentence or paragraph as it appears on the text without changing anything, then you should enclose them in double quotation marks after which you should cite the source.

    On the other hand, if you will be paraphrasing a phrase, sentence, or paragraph then you should use the in text styles of citation which may come in the form of an open, semi-open, or close forms of citation.

    Consider the Requirements for Your Paper

    Most importantly, consider the rules in constructing your paper. Your teacher, educator, or boss may be requiring a specific style of citation and you should always keep this in priority. Make sure to use the specific style of citation instructed for you to be used.

    Now, you know how to properly use citations for giving credits to the sources of your information and ideas. This way you will be able to avoid committing plagiarism. If you want to check your paper for online plagiarism, you should use the tool called  SeoTool Station Plagiarism Checker tool which allows you to know if your paper has exactly similar contents posted on the web.