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    Avoiding Plagiarism Know the Punishments, Cite Sources, and Get Permissions

    01/04/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Plagiarism is a serious offense. It is considered as an academic dishonesty on the educational field. On the other hand, it is considered as theft on the online world. Either way, plagiarism should not be done whether you are a student or a blogger. In order to avoid plagiarism, there are several things that you can keep in mind to do so. This article will discuss those things to you.

    Know the Punishments of Plagiarism

    Knowing the punishments of plagiarism might give you the scare as to how it is considered as a great offense. Now since it is a big deal in both the educational field and the online world, its punishments are also severe.

    Plagiarism on the educational field is regarded as academic dishonesty. Schools, colleges, and universities impose strict guidelines against academic dishonesty. The punishments are severe even for the less serious forms of plagiarism. Usually, the least serious punishments for academic dishonesty come in the form of deductions. Other professors automatically drop or give failing grades to students who commit it. For more serious plagiarism offenses, students may get suspended or even expulsed. The punishments depend on the rules impose by the specific school, college, or university.

    On the other hand, plagiarism on the online world is also not tolerable and considered as theft. Bloggers who pose duplicate contents get penalized by search engine sites by making their ranks low on search results. As a blogger, you do not want this to happen because you would want to generate traffic into your website.

    Cite the Sources of the Information You Borrowed

    To avoid plagiarism, you should know the different writing techniques that can help you avoid it. Such techniques include citing, quoting, referencing, and paraphrasing. Whenever you borrow information from other sources, always make sure to cite them. You should also make a list of all of your sources on a page for references. If you want to copy a certain portion of a text without changing it, then you should use double quotation marks. Furthermore, if you want to borrow idea from other authors, make use of paraphrasing combines with citing.

    Obtain the Permission of Authors and other Sources

    You should alto try to obtain the permission of authors and other sources if you want to borrow information from them. Securing their permission would enable you to use their original ideas and statements into your own written works.

    With those things discussed, you can now prevent committing plagiarism. If you need a tool to help you on your journey of writing while avoiding plagiarism, you should use a highly recommended tool called free plagiarism checker for teachers. It will allow you to check your paper for plagiarised texts.