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    Keyword Competition Analysis: The Importance of Knowing Your Competition

    For each keyword you use on your website’s contents, you have a lot of competitors. Before embarking on the journey of content marketing and competing with other websites in term of ranking, you should first understand how your competitors behave. You can achieve this by knowing hoe keyword competition analysis works. The Number of Search Results A simple way to know how many competitors you have for a keyword is through the number of search results on the search engine. Search engines like Google indicate the number of results that...
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    How to Improve Your Website Ranking By Understanding Keyword Competition?

    The use of keywords is a very important component of search engine optimization. Using them can help you increase your website contents’ rankings and generate traffic into your website. However, keywords should not be used carelessly. One should still understand keyword competition before incorporating the use of keywords in their contents. What is a Keyword? A keyword is a word or a phrase used by people on the internet to search on search engines. If you search some terms on search engines, those terms you use are called keywords. There...
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    Factors You Need To Consider When Assessing Keyword Competition

    It is very important to assess how competitive the keywords you want to use. Doing so will help you evaluate whether it will be worth it to use the keywords you have in mind. Of course, you do not want to waste your efforts of using a set of keywords but your page’s rankings are not improving at all just because of high competition for that keyword. If you want to assess how competitive your keywords are, below are the factors you need to consider. Title of the Page The...
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