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    The Most Common SEO Mistakes that You Should Avoid

    08/16/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo services

    A lot of businesses and online companies who make use of content marketing to disseminate their products and gain customers commit some SEO mistakes that put their online marketing endeavors in danger. If you operate your own online business through content marketing, you need to avoid committing the same mistakes in SEO as what other companies have done. Below are the most common SEO mistakes that you should avoid.

    Failure to Research Keywords

    You should not just blindly incorporate keywords into your contents are articles. If you put irrelevant keywords to your website, search engines will not reward you for your efforts. You will not be able to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results. So what you should do is to select the best set of keywords that are related and highly relevant to your contents. Not only that, you should also take into account the demand for the keywords that you want to use. Try to balance out the use of highly competitive keywords with low competition keywords. To gauge how competitive your keywords are, you can use the tool called SEO Keyword Competition Analysis. This tool is highly recommended since it can produce accurate results for determining the demand for keywords.

    Poor Keyword Stuffing

    Nowadays, stuffing of keywords, which is the act of putting the same keywords in a content or an article too many times, is not that effective anymore. Even worse, search engines like Google may penalize you if you have too much keyword stuffing in your contents. So what you should do is to balance the use of your keywords throughout your articles. You should still maintain posting highly informative and easy to read contents. 

    Undiversified External Links

    Another common mistake that most websites commit when it comes to SEO is the failure to diversify their external links. This means that the links posted in their websites only come from one or two sources.  To avoid this mistake, you should link to a variety of reputable blog posts, forums, press releases, contents, and article from other websites and blogs.

    Duplicate Contents

    Plagiarism is now one of the most dangerous things to do online. Search engines can give extreme penalties to those who commit plagiarism. So what you should do is to avoid copying the contents and articles of others.

    Failure to Maintain SEO Techniques

    Online businesses often fail to maintain the SEO techniques they have incorporated into their blogs or websites. They think that once they have accomplished their techniques, they are done strategizing. As a result, they suffer from slowly demoting from their high page ranks. So in your case, make sure to maintain the SEO techniques you have implemented to upgrade the rank of your website. You should also improve the current SEO methods you are using.

    Do not forget these common SEO mistakes so that you will not commit them yourself. You will surely be able to improve the ranking of your website and one day, you will be able to see your pages on the top ten results of search engines.