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    Extracting Contact Information of People with Skype Resolver

    12/28/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    The Skype Resolver tool is used to extract useful contact information from your Skype contacts. Such useful information includes the email address, country, Internet Service Provider (ISP), geolocation, longitude, latitude, and city of the person you are connected with on Skype. If you own a business and make use of Skype as your primary communication tool, then the Skype resolver tool is a major help for you to connect with your employees, clients, and business partners. This article will discuss to you the functions of the Skype  resolver tool and how you can use it to extract useful contact information of people to be used for your business.

    Internet Protocol Address with Skype ID

    With the resolver tool, you can obtain the Internet protocol address or IP address of any individual just using his or her Skype ID. Thus if you already know the Skype ID of a person, you can obtain his or her IP address using the Skype Resolver tool. In addition, you can also obtain various contact information like the geo-location, longitude, latitude, country, and city of the person.

    Skype ID with Internet Protocol Address

    If you have the IP address of an individual, you can add him or her in your Skype contacts by using the resolver tool.  This happens because you can determine his or her Skype ID just by entering his or her IP address.

    Skype ID with Email Address

    If you don’t know the IP address of an individual whom you want to add in your Skype contacts but you know his or her email address, you can still use the Skype resolver tool to obtain his or her Skype ID by entering his or her email address on the tool.

    Email Address with Skype ID

    On the other way around, if you have the Skype ID of an individual and want to determine his or her email address, then you can use the resolver tool. You only need to enter the Skype ID of the person into the tool and you can obtain the email address of that specific individual.

    This is helpful if you suffer from poor connection on Skype and you urgently need to communicate with specific persons. You can just determine their email address and communicate with them via their email address which you can obtain using the resolver tool.

    Now that you know how the resolver tool works, make sure to use the tool to stay connected to your contacts and obtain their various contact information. You can use such tool from the website SEO Tool Station.