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    What are the Differences between Downloading Speed and Uploading Speed?

    07/30/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    When talking about broadband speeds, two terms come into play: downloading speed and uploading speed. These two figures are very important to know because they are the measure of the strength and speed of your internet connection. Knowing both of these figures on your internet connection is also important because it allows you to determine if the internet connection speed you are getting is really what you paid for. The differences between these two terms are discussed below.

    Download Speed

    Downloading speed is the speed of how the information from the internet is transferred to your computer. If you have considerable or high downloading speed, then you can obtain files such as photos, videos, and other types of files from the internet faster than when you use a slower internet connection with a slower downloading speed. In addition, you can stream online videos and movies faster online if you have higher downloading speed. If you need to download large files at a faster rate, it helps a lot to have a high downloading speed.ptcl speed test

    Upload Speed

    On the other hand, uploading speed is the speed of how the information from your computer is transferred to the internet. If you have a good uploading speed, then you can upload videos online faster. You can do this when you upload videos on YouTube, Facebook, or other networking sites. In addition, having a good uploading speed also enables you to attach files on Google Drive faster. You can also send your emails faster because attaching files will be generally faster than when you use a slower internet connection.

    Knowing Your Download and Upload Speeds

    Generally, downloading speeds are much higher than uploading speeds because people in general tend to use download more than they upload files. However, it is also important to know if the speeds you are getting are really what you paid for. For this reason, it is important to use PLTC speed test which is a tool used to know the values for the speed of your download and upload.

    The website https://seotoolstation.com/ provides accurate and précised results for the upload and download bandwidth of your internet. You can measure the speed of your internet connection and determine if your internet service provider is really being honest with you.