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    Do you use plagiarism checker and check the articles for uniqueness?

    12/01/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    In the online content industry, the articles are important to any website. They help the search engines in knowing that what a site is particularly about. People are often seen checking the content for the quality. They put a lot of focus on the word count and keywords. But have you ever worried about the uniqueness of the work? Do you use the plagiarism checker to find the authenticity and uniqueness of the article? If no, then you might find yourself in trouble.

    Importance of unique content

    The unique articles are always given great importance by search engines. The widely-used web search engines like google, bing, always check the copyright of the article. They see whether the content belongs to the website on which it is listed or is it copied from somewhere else. If the content is copied, the search engine crawlers will show it down the order and you will appear lower in the rankings. Moreover, if the copyright issue occurs, the site may get suspended or might even be banned from the website or search engine. Therefore, you need to bring unique content to your website to ensure that the integrity of data and site is always safe.

    Unique content is easy to rank

    As I mentioned earlier, the content that is copied will be taken down in the ranking by search engines. Therefore, you need unique content for your site. It has been observed that the website with unique content are easier to rank. It is because when search engine find something different in concern with a particular search query on a website, and it is relevant to the content, the bots will ultimately take that website up in the rankings.

    No worries about the copyright

    It is often seen that the people who copy and paste the content of other sites on their web face the copyright issue. When you are posting content of someone else on your website with your own name, it is something pretty immoral. Along with it, when you use the writing of someone else without their permission and under your own name, you are doing something illegal. Therefore, you need to be certain that the content you are posting on your website does not belong to any other website. This will keep you safe from any legal or moral misbehavior conduct and you can enjoy your safe blogging.

    The feel of your own content

    When you check the content for uniqueness before pasting it on your site, you are certain that it is not present anywhere else. So, this is only your content. The content that belongs to your site only. Any other site that is copying it is doing wrong. You are the one that owns it and no one else can use it without your permission. If they are about to use it, they must give the credits or quote your site somewhere along with the content to tell people that this material is taken from your site.

    So, when you are about to post the article on your site, not only check it for the quality but also for the uniqueness by the help of online plagiarism checker tools.