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    Facebook justifies its step taken towards the Egg-freezing policy

    04/30/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in News

    During the previous year, a combined news from the Silicon Valley giants, Facebook and Apple, hit the headlines. It addressed a new rather weird offer these two companies brought forward that amazed their female employees.

    Last year, these two giant businesses decided to implement a policy and put forward a proposal regarding it that discussed the strange egg-freezing endeavor. This endeavor was aimed to show the versatility of the health program offered by these two companies in catering to the health requirements of all the people forming a part of these companies. Facebook explicitly  announced an amount of $20,000 (£13,000) to be used for egg-freezing.

    facebook logo

    Later on, this offer was assumed to be a strategy to retain the current employees and to attract more talent from outside towards the business. By offering unique advantages through this offer, efforts are being made to bring in more dedicated workforce who is motivated to perform for getting the benefits that are truly unmatchable.

    The proposal was critically commented by many

    This offer, when critically analyzed, was found to have serious consequences for women in the long run. This tried to freeze the natural female capabilities and to motivate them to postpone their decisions of having children. This might seem like a favorable solution to some of the employees temporarily but it is more inclined towards increasing organizational profits at the cost of women's natural tendencies.

    Some of the big names from the industry strongly supported this view and clearly attributed its origin to being in conformity to what women working in these two firms actually wished for. Further justified by the higher management, it was shown that one prominent case from the female employees, who was diagnosed of cancer, was the reason behind the formulation and presentation of this offer. That disease put her into a situation that made it difficult for her to decide whether to bear a child or to continue with her treatment that was important for her survival. She was forced to undergo an egg-freezing treatment because of her stressful condition but she was worried about the costs that were to be incurred during this additional treatment. Though the firm did not provide any medical coverage to the female employees in this regard, so the concerned employee went to seek advice from the firm's COO about the sources of finance.

    This situation brought an important issue in management's notice. It was addressed seriously and keeping the chances of this situation to reoccur in mind, both these companies gave this idea primarily for facilitating the female employees in the future. The firm showed positive and more constructive intentions behind taking this step but it has raised many eyebrows among the critics as well as the general public. It might be possible that these positive intensions may be realized and acknowledged in the future but at the current moment, this offer is being resisted as something threatening to women's fertility and natural capacities.