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    How to boost your internet speed in 5 simple ways

    07/01/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Have you ever felt really pissed off as you tried to download something important? Have you felt like breaking the computer when a video that you really want to watch just wouldn’t load? Well, we’ve all felt that way and when we feel this way we curse our internet providers way too much.

    Internet has become a necessity of life and no one can deny that fact. It has become a daily driver for many people around the world. Many people use 3G and 4G as a replacement but countless still consider Wi-Fi and LAN as the perfect choice. I’ve listed below some things that often help in getting you improved internet speed. Let us look at what they are:

    Check for Bad Service

    Sometimes even the best internet providers get you the worst service and that is not what you need if you ask me. Always get a speed test done on your internet service to get better results. Some renowned service provide a speed test of their own like the PTCL speed test. Check to see if yours does too.

    Considering changing the modem/router

    The world is slowly changing and so is the technology. Gone are the days when a $50 router could last you a decade. Upgrading yourself to a newer router ultimately helps you in getting better bandwidth and speed on your devices. If you think your modem or router is causing an issue in your internet speed, then that is just what you have to replace.

    Consider changing WIFI channel and security settings

    These two issues are perhaps one of the most common reasons why internet speed is affected. WIFI routers get hacked way too easily these days and eventually get used by hackers for their purpose while you get billed. Make sure your security settings are intact. Keep changing your password from time to time and keep WPS protection on for ultimate safety. Also make sure that all your devices are not on one channel. Having all devices on the same channel can often affect your internet speed as well.

    Check on for all these factors and you’ll witness the difference that you can get in your internet.