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    Keyword Competition Analysis: The Importance of Knowing Your Competition

    08/16/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Keyword competition

    For each keyword you use on your website’s contents, you have a lot of competitors. Before embarking on the journey of content marketing and competing with other websites in term of ranking, you should first understand how your competitors behave. You can achieve this by knowing hoe keyword competition analysis works.

    The Number of Search Results

    A simple way to know how many competitors you have for a keyword is through the number of search results on the search engine. Search engines like Google indicate the number of results that contain the particular keyword used to search. For instance, if you search the keyword “SEO tool” on Google’s search bar, you will be taken to the results page and just below the bar, the number of search results is indicated. If the search results say about 50 million results, then this number is an estimate of the number of competitors you have. You may be competing with about 50 million websites. This number may be large but do not be discouraged.

    Real Competition or Not

    The indicated number of results for a keyword is not the actual number of competitors you have. Not all those 50 million results are competing to rank high on the search engine and be included in the top ten results. Some websites from among the 50 million results may be competing for another set of keywords or they may not be competing at all.

    What Matters Most

    However, no matter how many competitors you have out there for a particular keyword, you should not be focusing on the numbers. Instead, you should focus yourself in being included in the first page results of search engines which contain the top ten results. If you do not want to do this, then there is no point in trying to improve the ranking of your page since you will find it hard to generate traffic if you are not included in the page one results. So make sure to do all that you can to improve your page’s ranking. You can do this by providing good contents with the best set of keywords included.

    Assessing Your Competitors

    You should assess your competitors in order to know the effective measures you can do to outrank them. An effective way to do this is to use the tool called SEO Keyword Competition Analysis which can help you assess the competitiveness of your keywords.

    It really is very important to understand keyword competition analysis. Doing so will help you get better page rankings thus more traffic and more profits.