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    Keyword Difficulty Analysis Tool-A tool which has made your task easier

    10/10/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    The Internet has revolutionized the business world. Now companies use their websites to sell products and services too. Search engines play an important role in bringing customers to their websites. For this purpose, they need the services of experienced digital marketers for tweaking their websites for search engine optimization. A digital marketer does keyword research to find the best keywords for organic SEO and PPC campaigns. Chasing hard-to-rank keywords are very time-consuming job. There are chances of error in research. Now there are tools available in the market which eases their load and do their research in efficient ways.


    A Keyword Difficult Analysis tool saves the time of a digital marketer and allows him/her to review hundreds of keywords quickly. Information acquired through the tool enables him to compete with his business rivals.


    The keyword research tool also helps a website owner to do competition analysis too. It gives him a list of keywords to use them on his website for optimization for achieving a good ranking of pages. This tool also tells the marketers’ terms which are not needed in his/her web pages. It also gives him about the web pages might achieve good rankings.


    In short, It simplifies SEO tasks. The tool evaluates the intensity of the competition and gives information to restructure SEO campaigns. Well-known Competitive keyword analysis experts recommend the use of SERP Analysis in order to get detailed information about the competition.


    There are some good Keyword Difficulty Tools available in the market. I will mention some popular tools used by people and companies. 


    Digital marketers and SEO experts who have used SECocket says this research tool has been designed in a way that it provides comprehensive information on  search trends, organic competition and traffic estimates. The tool offers keyword research at great speed. One can analyze 200 keywords per minute with SECockpit.

    SECockpit is used by more than 30 thousand search engine experts and companies. It is a web-based tool and works smoothly on Windows, Mac and Linux. The company recommends FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Opera for the tool.  A user gets detailed training manual. Training videos are also available which can help users understand the tool. A website owner can try their account free for 30 days.

      Moz Analytics’ Keyword Analysis Tool

    It is a simple and straightforward tool. The user interface is simple. When a user logs in, it offers a simple form for searching ‘Keyword Difficulty’. It gives keyword difficult in the form of percentage. The company offers different plans. Companies or website owners can choose plans according to their needs. Reports are available in medium, large and premium plans. A medium plan can crawl 500000 pages and social media accounts too.

    Long Tail Pro

    Long Tail is a powerful research tool. Its user-friendly interface attracts companies and SEO experts. It can search multiple keywords quickly and offers comprehensive keyword competitiveness to website owners. I think it is a perfect tool for finding leads and targeted traffic. Its powerful Keyword Competition feature makes it the ideal choice for digital marketers and SEO experts.