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    Forms of Plagiarism: Mosaic Plagiarism

    01/06/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Mosaic Plagiarism

    Plagiarism is the act of copying or using someone else’s ideas or statements without asking for their permission or without giving credits to them. Although this is the plain definition of plagiarism, there are different forms of plagiarism. One of them is mosaic plagiarism. Just like the other forms of plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism is not tolerated both in the online article writing world and the educational field. Offenders of this act are subjected to severe punishments.

    What is Mosaic Plagiarism?

    Another term for mosaic plagiarism is patchwork plagiarism. Out of all forms of plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism is the most complicated one. it is called patchwork because phrases, sentences, and paragraphs coming from a single written work or from multiple sources are interweaved in order to form a new written piece.

    Copying One Written Work

    Mosaic plagiarism may be committed by copying phrases, sentences, or paragraphs from one single original written piece. These components may come from different parts of the paper. It is still considered as plagiarism because it involves copying the ideas and statements from another written work without giving credit to the original authors or without asking for their permission.

    Interweaving Several Written Works

    Mosaic plagiarism may also be committed when phrases, sentences, or paragraphs coming from different sources or different written works are interweaved together in order to form one single original piece of work. This is still considered as plagiarism because the original authors of those written works are not credited or their permissions were not obtained.

    What are the Punishments of Committing Mosaic Plagiarism?

    Committing mosaic plagiarism poses several punishments similar to the other forms of plagiarism. By law, there are some acts and laws imposing punishments to offenders of plagiarism. Students who commit mosaic plagiarism may suffer from failing grades, suspensions, or expulsion. Bloggers who commit mosaic plagiarism suffer from low website rankings on search engine results.

    How to Avoid Committing Mosaic Plagiarism?

    To avoid committing mosaic plagiarism, you should always cite the sources of the information or ideas you borrowed. Use the different styles of citations to give credits to your sources.

    Now, you have an idea of what mosaic plagiarism is, what are its punishments, and how you can avoid committing it. Make sure to keep these details in mind for you to be able to avoid it. If you need extra help in avoiding plagiarism, you can use the tool called free plagiarism checker for teachers which allows you to check for plagiarism on the web.