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    Plagiarism can be a very tricky problem

    07/05/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work and passing it off as your own. It is one of the most appalling acts a person can do. As we are living in the digital age, more and more people are 'benefiting' from plagiarism. This is something that must be stopped dead in its tracks, lest we all lose our originality in the process.

    Plagiarism can be a very tricky problem to deal with as people who are accused of copying someone else's work will often give the excuse that they weren't even aware that of the original article's existence. These people should stop pleading ignorance and accept that they have been caught red-handed. To counter this issue, we have introduced a new piece of software that can quickly check if an article is original or has been copied from somewhere else.

    Whether you're a teacher who wants their students to learn about a topic instead of just copying it from the internet or a content writer who wants to make sure that their employees write genuine articles for them, this software is ideal for you. Our plagiarism checker can easily find out whether a copy of the article that you have just checked exists somewhere else on the internet. As a result, you can easily know where the text has been copied from. This feature enables users to find plagiarized material and stop using stolen content.

    Furthermore, you should understand that the most commonly used search engines such as Google and Bing only show those websites in their search results that feature original content. Thus, we advise you to use our service and rid yourself of the problem that is plagiarism.

    As people who understand the seriousness of the issue, we ask our users to always check the content that they write on our free platform. If they do so, they can avoid any possibility of being sued in the future. Moreover, it will allow you to promote creativity. As it is evident that plagiarism shuns creativity, we make a strong stand against plagiarism, which is evident from our application.