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    Plagiarism check

    07/05/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Plagiarism is copying someone else's idea and content and presenting it as your own. It is a crime, but it has become a common practice nowadays and should be stopped. There are a few reasons for this. Primarily, there is an influx of information readily available to anyone through the internet. Students fear failure or taking risks, but they do not fear the consequences of this unethical practice. However, the students should not always be blamed as teachers may sometimes give assignments so clichéd that students find it justified to copy. People do not hesitate in sharing their ideas online.

    To curtail this standard practice, technology has bestowed us with a beneficial tool, which is a plagiarism checking tool. There are several websites with plagiarism checking tool for teachers to determine the authenticity of the assignment that they receive. One of the most effective websites for plagiarism check is seotoolstation.com.

    It is a user-friendly tool designed for teachers, scholars, and students. Students these days have access to a plethora of knowledge, which has a setback. They have become lazy in doing their assignment themselves and find it convenient to copy from the web. Thus, it has become essential for teachers to check the originality of the work of their students.

    This tool does not only check for plagiarism but also hurts the credibility of the website that plagiarizes content. If the content on any site is copied from any web page, it negatively affects the ranking of the site and the risk of it being blacklisted by Google and other search engines increases. This plagiarism checking tool is useful to make sure that the work of content writers or freelance writers is 100 percent original and not copied from any source. You can also make it certain that the content on your website is not being plagiarized with the help of this tool. This tool's advantage is not only restricted to the teacher but is also a life safer for students.

    It is a free service provided by this website, unlike other sites that need the user to go premium, which makes it user-friendly for the users.