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    The Occurrence of Plagiarism on Various Disciplines

    04/10/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Plagiarism is one of the most notorious crimes one can commit when it comes to writing in all kinds of discipline. Although plagiarism is usually associated with the academic discipline, there are still other disciplines where plagiarism happens. If you want to know how such an act occurs in other fields, continue reading the article below.

    On Academic Discipline

    Plagiarism is usually associated with the academic discipline because most of the people who commit it are students. When it comes to writing papers, some students just copy contents online and paste them directly into their written works without properly citing their sources. This act is regarded as plagiarism and is not tolerated among universities, colleges, and school. Offenders of plagiarism receive punishments like suspension, expulsion, and defamation.

    There are also times when students commit accidental plagiarism like failing to put proper citations or not knowing how to use them properly. Still, accidental plagiarism is still considered as plagiarism and offenders receive serious punishments. That is why schools teach students how to avoid committing such an act.


    The internet is also rampant when it comes to plagiarism. Plagiarism online can be committed when students copy contents online and submit these as their written works. In addition, online plagiarism can also be committed by bloggers and website owners by posting copied contents into their websites. Search engines give their own forms of punishments to offenders of this kind of plagiarism.

    On Scientific Discipline

    Plagiarism also occurs on the scientific discipline. There are times when some researchers and scientists steal the ideas of other people in the same field as them. Such an act can be gravely punished by law. There are copyright laws that protect the ideas of other people and not following this law can result to serious punishments.

    On Journalism

    Plagiarism can also occur among journalists. People working on newspapers and online news may commit plagiarism by copying the news made by other people or by stealing the news ideas of other journalists. Offenders are usually fired from their jobs and receive serious punishments according to law.

    From whichever discipline it may be, plagiarism is still a major offense that no one should commit. To make sure that you are not plagiarising anything, you can use the tool called SEO tool station Plagiarism Checker. The tool is free to use.