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    Plagiarism Test

    by Admin in Webmaster

    Plagiarism is an offensive crime. Plagiarism is not only copying someone else's idea but also not providing proper citation with the information or even copying the sentence structure and changing words in between. Several websites use plagiarism tools to detect the authenticity of any document. To use the tools, all you need to do is copy and paste the text you want to check. You can even upload Word documents directly to most of these tools.

    The plagiarism checking tool by seotoolstation.com works very smoothly. It scans the content thoroughly, sentence by sentence. It scans through billions of websites, so there is no point in doubting its results. The plagiarized phrases are highlighted with red, which means they already exist online and will not pass the plagiarism test. By clicking on the red line, it takes you to the source from where it is copied. Copying from any website lowers the rank of your website. If a complete sentenced is copied from some website, then even the source is identified. This plagiarism checking tool even helps you determine the uniqueness of your work by showing the percentage of your work that is plagiarized. This website promises 100 percent accuracy in its results.

    It is not necessary to have such tools to avoid plagiarism. You can stop this practice yourself. You can do this by developing a habit of stating proper citation without hesitation. Too many citations show how well you have researched and that you understand the material thoroughly. However, that does not mean you show too many citations than necessary. Be honest! There is no harm in including only a few citations.

    You also need to have the practice of taking careful notes to avoid plagiarism. Squeeze out the relevant material from different sources and note it down separately. After taking out the relevant information, ask yourself what the author thinks and try relating it to your topic. But do not copy anything.

    Furthermore, there are different formats for the citation. Thus, you need to identify how your instructor needs it and work accordingly. A simple way to avoid the crime of plagiarism is to provide citations.