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    Preventing Yourself from Committing Self Plagiarism

    01/09/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Preventing Yourself from Committing Self Plagiarism

    When writing articles, research papers, contents or any other kinds of papers, you should always avoid plagiarism. However, if you still do not know what plagiarism is and then it may be hard for you to prevent such an act. Therefore, if you do not want to commit such an act and receive its punishments, you should know what is plagiarism and its various forms. Specifically, this article will focus on one kind of plagiarism which is self plagiarism.  

    What is Self Plagiarism?

    Self plagiarism, as the word itself says, is the act of plagiarising your own works or committing plagiarism to yourself. Since this is still considered as plagiarism, it is considered as a serious crime in the academic field.

    Self plagiarism happens when you copy a work you have done and use it again to your own advantage. For instance, you may have submitted a paper during your high school years and then submitted that same paper again during your college years. This is considered as self plagiarism.

    Self plagiarism may also occur if you copy your previous works and patch them up to create an entirely new piece of content.

    What is the Punishment for Self Plagiarism?

    Self Plagiarism is considered as a serious crime both in the online world of writing and the academic field. Thus, offenders of self plagiarism receive punishments for doing it. Students who are caught committing self plagiarism are being brought to the disciplinary tribunal. They may get suspended, expulsed, or any other forms of punishments for academic dishonesty. On the other hand, bloggers and website owners who commit self plagiarism are punished by search engines for producing duplicate contents. They rank low on search engine results.

    How Can You Avoid Plagiarism?

    In order to avoid self plagiarism you can cite yourself for borrowed information. It does not mean that since you are the author or your previous works, you will not cite yourself anymore. You still need to do that because you are borrowing information from your previous works.

    With that being said, you are now knowledgeable about self plagiarism and how will you be able to avoid committing it. To travel the roads much safer, you should use the tool called free plagiarism checker for teachers. This tool will help you detect plagiarism on the web and you will be able to determine if your paper has exactly similar contents on the web.