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    Rewriting Web Contents: What Should be in the Rewritten Article?

    07/21/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Online articles and contents have now become the heart of online marketing. Businesses now use the internet as a major platform to sell their products and gain prospective clients. They provide articles and contents containing lots of helpful and useful information that can then lead to readers into buying their products. For this reason, online article writing and rewriting have now become a substantial part of the online business. If you are an article rewriter yourself or if you are using an article rewrite tool, then below are the things that should be in your rewritten content. Ensuring that they are a part of your work assures you to have a high quality and unique rewritten content.

    Eye-catching Introduction

    The introduction of your rewritten content should be captivating and eye-catching. It should entice the readers into reading more. Make the introduction a mystery or something that will make them want to read more. One tip is to make the introduction an attracting summary of the article. Readers will then be hooked into reading more until they finish your rewritten piece.

    Paper with Some White Spaces

    If your rewritten content contains little to no white spaces and breaks, then your rewritten article will immediately look long to the readers and they will be bored to read it. They will eventually leave. That is why as much as possible, separate the sentences. Put some breaks and white spaces to trick readers that the piece is just short. Add some hooking sentences inside the content so that they will be motivated into staying to read the article.

    Add Some Graphics and Images

    Readers will almost always love to read when graphics, images, or pictures are included or embedded in the rewritten content. It is actually a motivation for them to stay into the article. As much as possible, make the embedded images appealing or attracting.

    Be Straightforward

    Readers do not like twisted long sentences. They like to read short and clear sentences. They will eventually leave your article without reading it up to the end if the sentences are too long or if the sentences are vague and unclear. So be straightforward and think like you are intellectually speaking to children.

    Now that you know the things that should be in your rewritten content or article, make sure to keep them in mind. They can help you rewrite articles into high quality and unique contents. You can also try to ask for the help of https://seotoolstation.com/ which is a tool that provides high quality rewriting services.