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    SEO Terms You Should Always Keep In Your Mind

    08/16/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo services

    In today’s world, the internet is so relevant that a lot of market transactions are being done in it. Online businesses are reaching out to more people to increase the number of customers and buyers they have. Local businesses without online platforms are now turning their heads on to using the internet as a place where they can market their goods. With a lot of people to be reached, the emergence of online businesses nowadays is unstoppable.

    If you are one of these online businesses that compete with others in terms of traffic and customers, you are probably using SEO techniques to boost your sales. If you are still new to the environment and still unfamiliar with the different SEO terms, below are the most important SEO terms that you should always keep in mind in order to survive the harsh competition online.


    SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. SEO is used to derive keywords that are searched by people on the search engines. These derived keywords are used as components on website contents so that when people search these keywords, you website content or page will appear as a result in the search result pages of search engines like Google. The bottom line is SEO is mainly used to make your website as visible as possible on result pages of search engines.

    The keywords are extracted using several tools. High competition and low competition keywords are determined using tools like SEO Keyword Competition Analysis which is a reliable tool to analyze the demand for a particular keyword.


    SERP means search engine result pages. SERPS are the ones being shown by search engines when you search a particular keyword on their search bar. If you want to generate traffic into your website, then your aim should be to rank high on SERPs. Usually, the aim is to be included in the top ten results of the first page of the Google search engine. However, doing this can take a lot of work and time.


    SEM stands for search engine marketing. SEM is the process of marketing your products online through the use of SEO. The process works by producing high quality SEO contents that can help you generate lots of traffic. The traffic driven to your website will then be converted into leads and sales as you encourage them to purchase your products.

    SEO, SERP, and SEM are some of the most important SEO terms you should never forget. You can actually know more about SEO by reading some other guides. Doing so can help you become successful in your content marketing endeavors.