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    Some Very Helpful Features in Skype that You Should Know

    01/18/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Some Very Helpful Features in Skype that You Should Know

    Skype is now one of the most widely used communication software in the world. With over 50 million users internationally, a lot of people from all over the world connect with. Although the software is known for its user-friendliness, versatility, and reliability, there are still other useful features of Skype you probably still do not know. Listed below are some cool Skype features that you should know as a user of this software.  

    Sending Video Messages

    Not only can you send text messages or conduct voice and video calls on Skype but you can also send video messages to people. If you want to send a video message to a person on Skype, you only need to click the paper clip icon located next to the chat box then choose send a video message.

    Correcting Erroneous Entries

    There are times when you accidentally send text messages to your contacts on Skype that contain errors. When this happens, what you usually do is to retype the same message again but this time with the erroneous entry corrected. To save you time on editing, just click the up arrow to bring the previous message you have sent. Thus, there is no more need for you to type the same message again.

    A Built-In Skype WI-FI

    A very useful feature of Skype is the Skype WI-FI. This allows you to connect online without an available internet connection. Thus, whenever you have some trouble connecting online, you can use this built-in feature to communicate with people. However, you will need some Skype credits for this.

    Get Contact Details from Your Skype Contacts

    To obtain some other contact details from the people included in your Skype contacts, you can use the tool called Skype Resolver. You can obtain useful contact information like the email address and even the IP address of people just by using their Skype ID. As a result, whenever you need to connect with other people online, you can use the tool to extract their other contact details aside from their Skype Ids.

    Some Other Emoticons

    To improve your communication with the people you connect with on Skype, you can use specific emoticons from the wide variety available on the Skype communication software. Make use of such emoticons to have great conversations on Skype.

    The Skype tricks mentioned above will surely be helpful if you want to spice up your Skype chat experience. Make sure to keep them in mind so that you will be able to make great chats with your Skype friends. If you particularly want to use the Skype resolver tool, go to the website SEO Tool Station since it provides high quality tools like this one.