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    The Correct Way of Paraphrasing to Avoid Online Plagiarism

    05/09/2017 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    One of the best ways to avoid committing plagiarism is paraphrasing which is basically the process of writing the information you have borrowed from other authors or sources using your own words. However, a lot of people find paraphrasing a lot difficult to do. If you are one of these people, then you should learn some things that will enable you to do paraphrasing correctly in order to avoid committing online plagiarism. To know these things, continue reading the article below.

    Understand First What You Want to Write

    In order to paraphrase correctly, you should first understand the information or text that you want to borrow information from. Since paraphrasing is writing information in your own words, you will not be able to write without being able to understand what you want to write about. So what you should do is to read first the text that you want to borrow information from and digest the meaning and context of that text.

    Write in Your Own Words

    To paraphrase effectively, make sure to write a borrowed information using your own words. If you want to borrow a phrase, write that phrase in your own words. Similarly, if you want to borrow an information in the form of a sentence or paragraph, then you should rewrite those information using your own words. This is the main point of paraphrasing. It is writing the text using your own words. However, make sure that when you rewrite, the rewritten phrase, sentence, or paragraph still convey the same message as that of the original one.

    Try to Widen Your Vocabulary

    In order to paraphrase correctly and without many difficulties, make sure to widen your vocabulary so that it will be easy for you to rewrite a phrase, sentence or paragraph. You can widen your vocabulary by reading the dictionary, reading textbooks, and practicing how to write.

    Make Use of Citations

    A paraphrase cannot be complete without in text citations. Thus, in order to paraphrase correctly, you should include citations within the paraphrased information. You can place the citation at the beginning, or end of the paraphrased sentence.

    With this information in mind, you now have an idea of how to make use of paraphrasing in order to avoid committing plagiarism. For additional help on committing plagiarism, use the tool called SEO tool station Plagiarism Checker. This tool will allow you to determine if a text or written piece has been plagiarised on the web.