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    Page Authority Checker: The magic tool that you definitely need.

    04/29/2016 12:00 AM by Admin in Webmaster

    Page Authority Checkers happen to have great importance among the latest SEO tools and there’s a very easy reason why. First let’s see what Page Rank actually is. In business school, in statistics and even in mathematics there is one thing that happens to be taught a lot and that is ‘probability’. That is exactly what Page Authority is. Simply speaking, Page authority is just the probability of your page to appear on the SERPs. Cool, right? It is measured from 1 to 100 and the more your score is the better. Page authority is a blend of all the rankings there are to find on the SEO world from Page rank to SERP rank. Everything that counts in SEO is included in the Page Authority.  This is very similar to Domain authority, actually. However, this one only focuses on one of the pages. All the analyzing that you have to do for the page are included in this to make one great rank that tells you just how good you are on Google.

    Page Authority Checker

    Page authority is nothing like Mozrank and doesn’t vary between blogs and websites and is the same for both of them. The overall presence of the website is analyzed when Domain Authority is analyzed. Similarly, the power of presence of a page on the web is calculated with the Page authority. Most SEOs know how to calculate the Page authority of any page on the web and most search engines do as well. The page authority of a website is calculated by special algorithms that blend all the ranks there are to be calculated for the website. This includes page rank, Mozrank, Alexa rank and tons of other things that help you rate a website. The question now is how does a newbie find out the page authority for his website?

    Of course not everyone turns out to be an SEO genius. There are tons of noobs that only tickle the SEO section once in a while and that too slightly so how can they find out the page authority of any page? After all they aren’t SEO geniuses. There’s an easy way for them to find out the Page Authority and that too with just a click of a button and that’s a Page Authority checker tool. Even SEOs don’t calculate the lengthy logarithms to find out the Page Authority of any webpage. All you’ll have to do is go on Google and search for the best SEO tools. Select the best suite that suits you and look for the Page Authority Checker in it. Once you’ve found it all you have to do is insert the URL in the box and click a button and your Page Authority will be calculated. These tools are available in both free and paid versions with the difference of a few additional features. Choose the one according to your need and easily find out your Page authority on the web.