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    5 Special Tips For Building A Great Event Website On WordPress

    by Admin in Wordpress

    Websites are the most effective advertising tools for events. They provide useful information to people and educate and entertain. However, if your site has too much crappy content, does not look attractive and does not create a feeling of excitement all around the event, then odds are people will go elsewhere.

    As a result of recent advances in technology, you do not have to become a specialist in web designing to compile a good looking event website. Most event management solutions nowadays provide web design plugins that have an abundant selection of templates which makes the entire process a lot simpler. Here are the best tips for a great events website.

    1). Write To The Point Information

    Nobody actually looks at a page for over 10 seconds, therefore concentrate on your event's keywords and messages. Ensure anyone visiting this landing page of your website can quickly scan the event, know exactly what the event is all about, learn where and when it is happening and how they could enroll.  Stick to small 2-3 line paragraphs and avoid those useless introductions.

    Also, ensure the date, place along with your CTA button (example. 'Register Now'), ' are positioned over the fold and they're on every page of your website.

    2). Use Interesting Visuals

    After visiting an event webpage, many users rebound into YouTube and Google Images. That is because they're on the lookout for visual evidence of what to anticipate from the event, possibly in the form of images or videos.

    Strong visuals play an active part in the attendee's decision-making process by giving an insight into the event experience. So make sure you construct your event site to feature graphics that capture the vibe of the event and portrays it as a not-to-miss encounter!

    3). Manage Your Website With The Best Wordpress Events Calendar

    Manage your events at the quickest, simplest and most advanced manner with the Best Wordpress Event Calendar plugin by Webnus.  WordPress Events Calendar is the best solution for establishing an event management site. As the very best event calendar plugin, the plugin offers you many features and choices to produce and manage your own events.

    Wordpress Events Calendar has been designed in a manner so that event planners handle the events in various companies like schooling, restaurants, and organizations, etc.  And readily compare tickets, generate revenue & increase your enterprise.

    Using this advanced plugin, you can also include event scheduling to your site, format your events calendar with over 40 designs with various skins, exquisite designs, and beautiful layouts. 

    With secure booking features, it's easy to market the events on your site. Design your customized forms for registering people. Accept Secure Payment with Credit Cards, PayPal, Mastercard, or Stripe. Employing the innovative add-on known as Ticketing & Invoice, you can design your invoice.  QR codes around the tickets allow you to check-in attendees with the QR code scanner.

    4). Focus On Site's SEO

    Search engine optimization (search engine optimization ) is crucial to getting your event site get discovered organically by your own perfect attendees. Make sure that you are targeting the right keywords in your post, applying proper On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques, and fulfilling all those optimization requirements laid by Google so that your events website gets ranked on 1st-page positions in search results.

    5). Add FAQ Section

    A lot of users have pretty much the same type of inquiries regarding an event. So you can add a Frequently-Asked-Question Answer session on your events page. This will not only clear the user's confusion regarding an event but also increase your site's value and trust.