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    Change Text Case

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    About Change Text Case

    Detailed review of the change text case tool

    Amongst several plug-in tools is the change text case tool that is around to facilitate users. The purpose of this plug-in is to work by incorporating in the content and working on only the certain portions of text that are manually selected and highlighted by the user.

    What does the online tool offer?

    The main aim of this online inbuilt tool is to help the users automatically adjust and maintain the texts. Its function is very similar to the inbuilt feature of Microsoft word. If you ever work on an MS word you will see that all words that you type will automatically be either corrected or they will be a highlight with a red or green underline. This is to indicate that these certain words are either wrong grammatically or misfit into the sentence. The same is the case for the changing text online tool. It is, in fact, a very good replacement for MS Word if by chance the auto-checker fails to correct text. In addition to making corrections in your content, you can also change the style of font. You don’t have to work on each word and can save time because the tool can simultaneously work on the entire document.

    Highlight features of change text case tool

    Amongst all other tools, the good thing about this specific one is that it comes with an online inbuilt plugin feature. So you actually don’t have to waste time in uploading file online and then waiting for the results to be generated. In fact with the in-plug feature, you actually get the chance to make corrections as you work. There are many highlight features of this change text case tool. Here is a quick overview of all the highlight features of this tool.

    • Automated updates to text

    The first highlight feature of this tool is that it automatically highlights the text and sends you updates for correction and amendments while you work.

    • Invert Case feature

    The invert case feature actually inverts all case letters throughout the content. All upper case letters will be converted to lower case and vice versa.

    • Title case feature

    The title case feature works on the titles and headings of the content. It changes the first letter of the title to upper case while automatically changing the rest of the words to lower case.

    How can you use the change text case?

    Using this tool is actually very easy. There are two ways of using this tool to make corrections in your content. The first one is the plug-in feature which helps you to make corrections as you work along. Second is the online app feature. However, most commonly and conveniently used is the plug-in version. To use the change text case tool plug-in version, you can highlight the portion of the text in your content that you want to be corrected. After the text for correction is selected, select the option of change text and correction. Your content will automatically correct and upgrade.