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    Check GZIP compression

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    About Check GZIP compression

    GZIP Compression allows your web server to provide smaller file sizes that loads extremely fast. Due to gzip compression, websites load super fast, a very short period is required for the web pages to load, and less bandwidth is used. Almost every quality website is focusing on Page Speed as it is among the Google's most important ranking factors and the best way to improve it is by enabling compression.

    Gzip compression is enabled via .htaccess, Nginx, Litespeed web servers and Apache. 

    How To Use GZIP Compression Test Tool?

    After you have done setting up Gzip compression for your website, how will you verify that whether your web server is sending the correct GZIP enabled header or not? You can use the Check GZIP Compression Tool by SEO Tool Station to quickly check if gzip is enabled for your website or not. To use this tool, enter your website URL in the box and our tool will tell if the web server sends the GZIP command to users!


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