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    Chrome App MAKER

    About Chrome App Maker

    SEOTOOLSTATION is your partner in providing SEO tools that work like Chrome App Maker. Here is one of the amazing tool that let you make an App on chrome for your ranking requirements. Chrome App Maker is just Like Website content hunter enables you to create content for the website.

    120 million google chrome can help in increasing page rank on search engine, getting customers and traffic to the website. It is one of the ways to create revenue by making yourself a brand. This 1 minute million dollar tool is available free on seotoolstation.com

    Without the need of any code, this tool enables you to create packaged app on google chrome. Chrome App Builder on STS is always there for better navigation of desired application. After completion, the App may be exported and found in google chrome webstore.

    Note: All the API's and Background script is created by Seo tool station for ease.

    There are few steps that you need to follow for Chrome App Maker.

    Primary Step:
    1. Write the name of the international version. It must be easy to understand in every language.
    2. Write URL of your website or app.
    3. Put a language of your App (Preferably English)
    4. Choose other languages of your choice.
    Step 1:
    1. Create App Name
    2. Create Short Name (Recognizable)
    3. Write App description
    4. Do not forget to put version. It increases the credibility of a chrome app.
    5. The desired URL to redirect.
    6. Any preferred icon. Must be in 128 x 128 (PNG FORMAT) for optimization.
    Step 2:
    1. In this section, you need to create an extension.
    2. Put a catchy name for your extension.
    3. Create Short Name (easy to understand)
    4. Make a description (Read by people and search engines for ranking)
    5. URL to redirect (When a person will click on extension, he/she will be redirected to this page)

    The Chrome App Maker is supported by Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome

    Congratulations! You have completed an App on Chrome. Now don't forget to check your google page rank and share this content on Facebook.