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    Google Malware Checker

    Enter a URL

    About Google Malware Checker

    Google Malware Checker is a great tool which lets's you know about malware activity on any website. If you are suspicious about a website, and you think there's something wrong with it, you can just enter URL of the site here and let the tool crawl the web for any fraud activity. It only takes a few seconds for this tool to generate the results.

    On entering the complete URL of the site, your website will be redirected to Google' Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page. The report is produced for the last three months since Google has visited the site, and if the crawler finds any suspicious activity on your website, it will notify you.

    If your site is getting de-indexed from search results, then there may be some issues going on with it, and that issue could be a Malware attack. So it's important for every webmaster to perform a daily or weekly check of their website through this Malware Checker Tool to see if there's any fraud, stealing of data, viruses, or phishing activity going on with your site.

    There are also some sites which are created by hackers, and when an innocent user visits their website, the hackers steal their information which may leave you in trouble later on! So before visiting, you can check a site for malware or fraud issues using Google Malware Checker Tool.

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