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    PageRank Checker

    Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)

    About PageRank Checker

    Do you want to check the accurate Google PageRank? Just enter the URL of your website and in the blink of an eye, our PageRank Checker Tool will display the exact Page Rank of the website. 

    PageRank (PR) is a metric invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The PageRank values from 0 to 10, with 0 being the least and 10 being the highest. It is used to determine the importance and authority of a website according to Google. 

    In past, PageRank was of immense value but nowadays it is no longer a major factor for a web page's search positions in Google, but still your site's position in search results can drastically improve by the PR of the pages linking to you. 

    Before purchasing a website, advertisement space, or before getting a backlink from for a site, you can take the help of this tool to see how strong and high quality a website is by looking at it's Page Rank. 

    A unique feature in SeoToolStation PageRank checker is that it can check up to 100 URLs at a time. Instead of checking every URL one by one, you can enter multiple URLs at a time and let the tool do the work!

    If you have noticed your blog has a low or no page rank, then here's how you can improve it:

    • Publish unique and quality content for your users. Make sure your articles are SEO optimized with proper On Page SEO
    • Create high quality and relevant backlinks for your website. For this purpose, you can do blog commenting, forum posting, guest posting and don't forget to use SeoToolStation Backlink Maker too!
    • Ask other bloggers to link to your site
    • Submit your blog to web and article directories


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