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    Open Graph Checker

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    About Open Graph Checker

    SeoToolStation proudly announces the Open Graph Checker tool which will help the SEO guys to the check and optimize the OG Tags of a webpage. The OG tags help the webpage to become a rich social chart object. The OG Tags are just like the Meta Tags but it ensures the web page has good experience over the social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit and many others.

    Originally, the Open Graph Tags or OG Tags has been developed by the Facebook in the year 2010 and main intentions are of promoting the content with the integrated website. To sum up all, there is always a degree of control about how the information is sent off a website to the social networking platforms. To make it flexible, easy and possible, you have to pass the information through Open Graph Checker which will check the OG tags in the header of the website. The Open Graph Checker of the SeoToolStation consists of the following characteristics.

    1. Analyze the OG Tags of your website online.
    2. Efficiently check the Meta Tags of your web page.
    3. Display the results.
    4. A detailed summary of implemented tags.
    5. Compatible to work with the Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites

    How does Open Graph Checker of SeoToolStation work?

    Navigate to the Open Graph Checker Online Tool of SeoToolStation. Then you need to enter a valid URL (Universal Resource Locator) or a web address in the text field provided over the webpage and click on check or Press enter. Wait there for just only a few moments, the tool will provide the comprehensive result and you check them. The tool is free to use for unlimited time.

    Note – OG tags in the header of your webpage don’t influence the SEO performance but still they are fruitful to make your webpage an enrich social media object.

    What is Open Graph Protocol?

    In simple words, the Open Graph Protocol is such a protocol which lets a webpage to become a good object of a social media networking site. These are the series of tags which helps the webmaster to provide a leading information for social media of the webpage.

    Where to place Open Graph Tags

    In order to add the Open Graph Tags, you simply have to follow the steps mentioned below.

    1. First of all, you need to add a namespace “http://ogp.me.ns#” to HTML Tag.
    2. Now place the meta tags with content and property attributes between the head (<head> </head>) tags.
    3. You can define the following 4 Open Graph Tags like “Specifications”
      1. Og:type.
      2. Og:title.
      3. Og:image
      4. Og:URL


    SeoToolStation proudly presents Open Graph Checker tool which authenticates the quality of Open Graph Tags of your web page efficiently. So, what are you waiting for evaluate the Open Graph Tags of your webpage with our 100% free and reliable Open graph Checker? Open Graph Checker Online tool is really handy for Social Media Optimizer and marketer.

    Meta Description – Open Graph Checker Online Tool is free to use. Check the Open Graph Tags of your webpage and make it a rich object of social media networking websites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others. SeoToolStation proudly presents the Open Graph Checker Tool for the Social media optimizers and marketers.