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    Open Graph Generator

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    About Open Graph Generator

    Important Things You Need To Know About Open Graph Generator

    What is Open Graph Generator?

    First of all, you need to know what open graph generator is, so that it will be easy for you to know its beneficial aspects and use it. Open Graph Generator refers to an online tool that helps people to create open graphs. The open graph was first created in 2010 by Facebook. The purpose of generating this tool is to assimilate with other websites. So if it is said that open graph permits the web pages to turn into a rich project with the help of social graph then it wouldn’t be wrong.

    How It Works?

    This tool has made it easy for you to generate open graph. All you need is to put required information in each column and you will get the code at the end. What you need to provide include title, site name, site URL, description (up to 200 characters), select type of your document, number of images, and URL of each image. When you get the code then you can easily copy it from the website and paste on the desired location. This is how the tool works. It wouldn’t be wrong if it is said that the tool makes this process hassle free for you.

    Important Aspects Of Open Graph

    • The open graph protocol is a structured tool that is usually utilized by social websites.
    • LinkedIn and Facebook are two basic social networks that are making use of this tool.
    • When the URL is shared on the social media then it reveals the preview according to provided content.
    • The best example is Facebook open graph meta tags.

    Does Open Graph Impacts SEO?

    According to theory, use of open graph doesn’t impact your SEO (on-page) in a direct way but the basic purpose is to boost your social links. Social marketing is considered as the best way to boost your online business. The Facebook and other social media websites have made use of it to place themselves on the top in search engines. The search engines cannot ignore the data provided by Open Graph in their algorithm. It is not easy to describe the impact of open graph on the algorithm. In fact, it’s something tricky. You can keep the Google Plus pages in favorite and let Google to analyze Open Graph tags. If the first focus of the webmaster is on title tag and description, then it ought to provide a strong interest in adding Open Graph in its pages. The graphs get more attention by Google and other social engines when they are shared on social media websites. So, it reveals that it has an impact on your SEO and helps you to market and strengthen your online business and website.

    You need to keep this fact in mind that if your webpage is static and you are not using any kind of CMS (Content Management System) such as Wordpress then you have to alter the code manually for all of your pages. On the other hand, if you are controlling your webpage by using a CMS then you can install related plugin to make it easy for you.

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