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    SEO Tools Internet Marketing Scholarship

    07/03/2017 12:00 AM

    SEO Tools Internet Marketing Scholarship

    Seotoolstation is one of the best portals that provides tools and tips for effective marketing on the web. It is helping people all around the globe to sell their products, services and promotes websites. The basic idea behind this website is to provide a platform where marketing personnel can experience and use essential tools like Plagiarism Checker, Article rewriter and many other useful tools free of cost.

    Helping the minds and promoting skills is our aim. We do not want creativity in the loss but in profits rapidly.

    Therefore we have launched SEO Internet Promotion Scholarship. This scholarship is available to Graduate and Under Graduate students who are seeking for knowledge in the field on Digital Marketing.

    Award: $1000/-

    The Marketing, IT, Business, Mass Communication and Project management have immense interest in such program. There is no prior knowledge or degree required in Digital marketing. The students who are eager to learn online marketing and content development may apply.

    Getting this scholarship is very easy.

    If you have an interest in getting SEO award then just send us an email with these requirements.

    How to get this SEO award Scholarship?

    You have to write and send us an article with title "Online Marketing and Its Integration In Business". The article must be unique and well written.

    This article must have these areas covered:

    • What is online marketing for sellers and buyers?
    • How is Seotoolstation promoting internet marketers?
    • What are the points where Internet Marketing is integrating with physical mode businesses?

    The writer of best and targeted article will get $1,000 SEO Award that can be utilized in the study, relevant material or other important resources. If you think you can do this, then read more about it.

    Who Is Eligible for SEO Award?

    1. Students who are currently enrolled in relevant degrees.
    2. Students passionate about internet marketing
    3. The article you write and send must be unique.
    4. It should contain fresh information.
    5. It should reflect your creativity.

    We will consider the factual information, content relevancy, distribution and use of appropriate words while finalizing the award.

    How To Submit Application for SEO Award?

    1. Write 500-1500 words article relevant to above mentioned subject. It must be in a doc file.

    2. Kindly mention your social profile, website or any other online profile.

    After completing the draft, email us at Scholarship@seotoolsation.com

    In email, you must mention following:

    1. First and Last Name.
    2. Contact Number.
    3. Address.
    4. Study Area/ Subject/ Program details.
    5. Student ID Card or any other proof of enrollment.

    The article you write and send us can be published anywhere for Internet Marketing Purpose. You will give us an open permission to use the article.

    Deadline for submission

    The Last date for submission is 20th January 2018 and within the next 10 days the winner candidate will be selected.

    Result Date

    The selected candidate will be announced on 31st January 2018.

    After finalizing, the award amount of $1,000 will be sent to your study institution.

    Total Number of SEO Awards

    This is our first SEO scholarship program and from now on we will keep offering these awards every year.