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    About Pokemon Go Server Status Finder

    Pokemon Go is a free game for iOS and Android developed by Niantic. After its launch in July 2016, this game has been downloaded by more than 100 million people worldwide. The players have to capture, train, and battle different Pokemons who appear on the mobile screens as if they are in the same real world location as the player.

    Due to the huge numbers of downloads and millions of people playing the game in real time, the game mostly suffers from frequent server outages. Even few hours after the launch, the servers of the game frequently crashed and went temporarily down due to extreme usage.

    Frequent server crashes have become a headache for Pokemon Go lovers. So now a question that may come in your mind is that how to check whether the game servers are working fine in your area or not?

    SEOToolStation.com is here at your service. This time, our dedicated team of professional workers has developed a special tool known as "Pokemon Go Server Status Finder". What this tool does is that it pings Pokemon Go servers and notifies you whether the application servers are working properly in your region or not. It provides a detailed information about the server issues, telling its status as UP, Down or Unstable according to the player location. At the current moment, Pokemon Go Server Status Finder by SEOToolStation shows the server status of more than 40 countries which include Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and many more.

    If the tool shows the status of the server as Down or Unstable, you can can refresh the page or come back later to know the current status.