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    Voice To Text Online

    Enter your text to speech

    About Voice To Text Online

    Voice to Text Online

    Online voice recognition tool in simple terms, can be called a Speech to Text Tool It is a basic application that converts speech patterns and audio files into text. The present version of this online voice recognition tool is compatible with the Google Chrome browser which can be accessed in Mac, Linux OS, and Windows. It can be easily used through the Chrome Web Browser.

    How to use this Tool for free voice to text conversion

    To begin conversion, the start recording button needs to be pushed. The screen, however, will show an immediate pop-up message where the action needs to be confirmed in order to proceed with the recording. To make adjustments in how the text output is generated, there are several buttons that can be used :

    • The A/a switch can be used to change the case of the first letter of the word on which the cursor is placed.
    • The undo button can be used to eliminate the last sentence generated.
    • The buttons for punctuation can be used to punctuate sentences properly. However, enabling the ‘replace punctuation’ checkbox can result in punctuation words being automatically replaced with matching punctuation marks thus, saving one the trouble of manually adding such marks.
    • The translation button can be used to convert speech input into one’s desired language.


    Other than the standard speech to text online transformation, speech patterns in HTML5 video and audio are also recognizable by Voice To Text along with YouTube clips. For conversion of HTML5 content, the user is required to specify the URL of the video/audio clip or select a file from their computer. For YouTube clips, the app requires YouTube record ID to be mentioned. Once done, pushing the ‘start recording’ switch will begin the transcription.