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    About PTCL Speed Test

    PTCL speed test will let you check the download and upload speed in Mbps especially for the broadband users of PTCL. This is a world of internet and every individual wants to have the fastest internet. When the internet was just developing, it does not have the fastest speed and people have to wait for several minutes for a single smaller size download. As the world was getting more advanced, the engineers also focus on getting the fastest internet they can. In doing so, they become successful and increases the internet speed. With the time, people are getting the faster and faster internet. Now, there are the PTCL internet speed test free services available to assess the speed of an internet. How it works and what are its benefits would be the focal point of this article.

    Speed Test PLDT

    xfinity speed test

    How does PTCL speed test tool work?

    First of all, the internet speed test services would need the internet to directly download the files from the browser. Then it will involve the following tests:

    • PTCL Download Test

    This sort of test would begin with downloading the small size document round about 128 kb. Along with the real-time bandwidth, it also measures the download duration. It will see whether the document takes more than nine seconds or less than it. If it takes less than nine seconds, then next such document would be tried otherwise it will continue with downloading the same document.  Among all these downloading samples, if the last document takes less than nine seconds then that would be acceptable and that would be considered as the actual speed of the internet.

    • PTCL Upload Test

    After download test, upload test would begin. The upload test would also begin with a smaller sample and the size of the sample would gradually increase until the internet takes more than nine seconds to upload a file. Sometimes the proxy server may interrupt with the upload test. So, an individual should try it with any other browser having a firewall.

    Benefit of the internet speed test free

    PTCL internet speed test service is very beneficial due to the following reasons:

    • It allows the individual to work from home.
    • It will automatically detect the device or screen size.
    • Managing or monitoring the broadband connection become easier.

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