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    Twitter Card Generator

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    About Twitter Card Generator

    Uses and application of the Twitter card generator

    Twitter is one of the most leading and top ranking social media websites that is currently very popular these days. Not only is it a wholesome personal experience for users but is also a very active social media forum that is used by several businesses and brands. The reason is that all brands and businesses take advantage of this social media platform to increase traffic flow and user engagement.

    Tool for social media platform - Twitter

    There are many tools that are being designed and made available to the people to make social postings such as tweets on Twitter more engaging and interactive for the people. One such tool that is very helpful to engage a wider audience and increase profits margins for business and brands by boosting sales is the twitter card generator.

    Purpose of the Twitter card generator

    The purpose of this twitter generator tool is to help users add images, graphics, videos and other media to the tweets and posts that are made on Twitter. Adding media files to your twitter posts helps to make your tweets and posts more interactive and engaging. As a result, you are able to increase the traffic drive for your website and also increase the overall followers for your brands/business in addition to increasing the profit margins.

    How does the Twitter card generator work?

    The twitter card generating tool works in a rather simple way. You are only required to add an HTML link to your tweet and post in link or reference to the media file that you want to attach to your tweet.

    Types of twitter cards available for use

    There are a number of twitter cards that are available to boost the traffic drive and engagement ratio for every post that you make. Since social media posts are an effective way of marketing and advertising these days, therefore one evident benefit of twitter cards generator is that it drastically boosts the sales for your brand and business. Here are a number of twitter cards that available for the users to use.

    • Summary card

    There are two types of twitter summary cards that are available for the users to avail.

    Summary card with smaller images

    The summary card with the smaller images boosts the overall user experience by adding an attractive and engaging title, thumbnail and post attribution i.e. credentials to your tweet.

    Summary card with larger images

    The summary card with a larger image is no different than the summary card with a smaller image. The only difference that is notable is that the latter includes a full sized image in the tweets, contrary to the thumbnail size in the first version of the summary card.

    • App card

    The app card facilitates users by providing a link for direct download from the play store for various mobile and desktop based apps.

    • Player card

    The player card is the most commonly used one out of all cards. This card helps to add media files such as images, videos and audio files of varying lengths to the tweets and social media posts.