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    www Redirect Checker

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    About www Redirect Checker

    With the help of our www Redirect Checker tool, you can quickly determine whether you have set up a Search Engine friendly redirect or not. Many of us can lose out valuable search engine traffic due to incorrect configuration of redirects, so it's vital that we pay attention to this matter.

    Here's how you can use this tool:

    • Enter complete website URL to check if a redirect link is Search Engine Friendly
    • Click "Submit" button

    Suppose you have a website http://www.yoursite.com, and you created a redirect that whenever any visitor types in the URL http://www.yoursite.com he is automatically redirected to http://www.yoursite.com/blog, but what if search engines are unable to follow the redirect? If this happens, then your site's rankings would be severely affected.

    So you can use www Redirect Checker tool by SEO Tools Station to check if the redirect is Search Engine Friendly or not. If our tool finds everything ok, then it will notify you of status "Good", and if it finds an incorrect redirect, it will display the status as "Bad".

    Due to incorrectly configuring our redirects, a lot of us can damage our search rankings or we may end up with no search traffic at all! So it's important for every webmaster to check for redirects using our www Redirect Checker Tool and make sure that when a search engine crawls your website, it can follow any redirects you have set up.

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