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    Best Paraphrasing Tool Online

    Paste (Ctrl + V) your article below then click Submit to watch this article rewriter do it's thing!

    About Best Paraphrasing Tool Online

    Paraphrasing tool: A complete guide to rephrasing the content


    Paraphrasing has been into our community for longer than we may actually think. It is of no surprise that we see a person telling a story or an incident in his or her own words. However, the actual wording may differ. But the fact that it conveys the same message appropriately makes it perfect. This is where the paraphrasing comes from.

    Nowadays, the paraphrasing tools are available to change the written document and rephrase the content listed in it. They keep the main idea same but put difference when it comes to the language by using the synonyms.

    What is paraphrasing?

    Take a writing piece and start reading it. Read the content thoroughly and absorb the idea in your mind. Once you truly understand what has been written in it, now it’s time for you to convey it to the people. For example, you read in a XYZ history book about some strange happenings. You have decided to write about these in the weekly editorial and you start listing the incidents. But wait! Are you copying it word to word from the history book? No. Because if you do so, it comes under plagiarism and copyright violence will be there. Thus, you should write it in your own words. This is known as the paraphrasing.

    In short, paraphrasing is all about conveying the same information as listed somewhere else by keeping the main idea same while using your own words. Another example is that you read about an accident in a newspaper and have decided to write to your friend about it. If you copy it word to word, then it is quoting. If you keep the happenings and all other stuff same and list information about the accident in your own words, this is paraphrasing.

    By dictionary, it means that expressing what someone else said in your own words and maintaining greater clarity.

    How paraphrasing tools work?

    Now, let’s talk about how the paraphrasing Small seo tool work. If you have a document and you want to rephrase it online for some reasons, you can take help from the rephrasing tool. Often known as the rewriting tool, most people use it to avoid the plagiarism issue and get over with the copyright. Here is how these tools work.

    First of all, copy the writing piece that you want to rephrase. Then put it in the text box of the software and click on rephrase (rewrite, or whatever the button says). On your click, the tool will pick the information from text box and start analyzing it. While it is doing so, the tool replaces the common words with the synonyms. As the words get replaced with their synonyms, the rephrasing process is done. At times, it may play a bit with sentence structure too (depending on the software).  

    Here, the tool finishes its work and new content will be displayed in front of you. It will be different from the one you entered (wording) and most tools highlight the replaced words for user convenience so that he can check the article and make corrections where necessary.

    Benefits of using paraphrasing tool

    Here are some of the benefits of using the paraphrasing tool:

    • These programs are really fast and can rephrase a few thousand words in a matter of seconds. The task that may take hours if you rewrite manually can be done with the software in seconds.
    • Some of the tools available online are really efficient. They are dedicated to paraphrase the content and they pick up words pretty intelligently and change it with relevant synonyms.
    • You can access many paraphrasing tools free of cost. They save you a lot of money that you might have to pay to a professional writer to rewrite something for you.

    How to do paraphrasing on your own?

    There are times when you may wish to do paraphrasing on your own. Well, it is the best practice but requires a lot of time and knowledge. You need to have good command over the language and you should acquire necessary skills required to proceed with the task. Many people leave it for writing professionals but if you want to do it on your own, here are few tips for you.

    First of all, start by reading the article thoroughly. Completely read the article once and underline the important things that you want to list or convey. Once it is done, take a separate paper and write down your points on it. Now, assemble the points in order in which you want them to appear in your content. Make a rough outline of your article and start writing. Make sure that you read the points one by one and explain each of them in your own words comprehensively.

    The second way to do paraphrasing on your own is by doing it line to line, sentence to sentence, or paragraph to paragraph. In it, you start reading a line, sentence, or paragraph and as soon as you finish it, you write down whatever you understood in your own words.

    Benefits of paraphrasing on your own

    The positive side of paraphrasing on your own is:

    • It is more efficient. You will be able to use the synonyms appropriately and in contrast with the article. The software may not be so intelligent to do this for you.
    • Paraphrasing on your own allows you to restructure the sentence and change the order of the points which makes your content look fresh and more effective.

    Final words

    So, this is all about what is paraphrasing, paraphrasing tool, and paraphrasing on your own. Many people find using the rewriting software convenient for them. If you are also using it, please note that once you have the regenerated article, read it thoroughly. At times when you change the content with synonyms, it make your sentence look odd and the structure may be broken. Therefore, be careful while you are working with the rewriters. Also, do not forget to use the plagiarism checker to ensure the content is unique.


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